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waiting room therapy


Mindy speaks regularly at high schools, colleges and universities providing in-person or online group presentations and interactive workshops to promote student mental health 
All talks are customized to your specific population's needs

Areas of specialty include:

Athletes ▪️ First generation college students ▪️ Students with learning differences

"My speaking engagements have allowed me to take what I do in individual sessions and bring it to a larger group setting. While the presentations are not therapy, they do give the participants a flavor of what therapy has to offer so they can see that it is possible to talk about mental health issues in a way that is helpful and not stigmatizing. This cultivates a sense of familiarity and comfort with the therapeutic process that makes students more likely to access mental health resources if needed."



The first order of business is helping young adults learn the ways in which their mind and body work together to influence their mental health. Once you know how it all works, it is easier to figure out what to do and what not to do.

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Through stories, analogies and activities, students walk away with concrete tools they can use to promote their mental health. They also gain a clear understanding of the thoughts and behaviors that have been eroding it.

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The way we talk to ourselves and the degree to which we have genuine conversations with others deeply impacts our mental health. Participants will learn how to shift their internal dialogue and deepen the ways they connect with others in order to profoundly improve their wellbeing.

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