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Mindy McNerney, LCSW mental health speaker

And if I could tell you one thing it would be:

you are never as broken as you think you are.


sure you have a couple of scars and a couple of bad memories,


but then again, all great heroes do"


- Charlotte Eriksson



I bring to our therapeutic relationship over 25 years of experience working with children, teens, adults and families. I have had the opportunity to work clinically in both residential and large outpatient settings, but I believe that my private practice is where I have truly had the greatest impact on clients. 


As a therapist I am deeply invested in my clients’ unique stories. It is my goal to help them develop insight into the ways that their past and present intersect with their neurobiology while also uncovering the narrative they developed as a way to make sense of their experiences. This takes us to a space of understanding and connection which is often where change happens.

My style is open and honest. I probably talk more than some other therapists and I don’t believe that awkward silence or blank stares are helpful in this process. I bring my full self to our sessions so you feel like you are talking to a real person.  It is in this context that clients are most likely to bring their own full self to the session as well. Once we have that established, it makes it much easier to talk about hard things. I use humor and a lot of analogies to help clients develop insight and find new ways to look at old problems. 


Although therapy can’t magically fix things, it is helpful to have someone hold up a mirror to help you see what is there while simultaneously supporting you and always rooting for you. 

Finally, I can't conclude an "about me" section without also adding that I am a wife and mother to 3 amazing humans. 

psychotherapist family
  • Columbia University 1995

Masters in Social Work 

Minor in Law

  • EMDR Certified 2017

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (license #: 006170) CT and FL

  • Anxiety 

  • Trauma

  • Grief

  • ADHD

  • Mood disorders

  • Teens and young adults

  • Parenting and relationships

Marble Surface

"We sought out Mindy’s services for our son, who struggled severely with adhd, anxiety and sensory issues at a young age.  As we tried countless different professionals and therapies to help our son, Mindy has proven to be the single best resource of support in our long journey, helping not only our son, but us as well. She truly takes an individual approach to her clients, and was diligent in understanding our son’s unique and specific needs, gifts and challenges. She did not simply support his challenges, but fostered and celebrated his strengths, and incorporated that into her work with him. She never stopped seeking out new and interesting ways to support him. He is thriving now, due to the amazing support and therapy he received from Mindy"- MA 

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